# Getting Started

This section is intended to start working with MONQ. Use the instructions below to get acquainted with the basic functionality of the platform.

⚠️ To access the detailed MONQ functionality manual, please click here.

1. Login and User Creation
Log into MONQ and create the first user.
2. Workgroup Creation
Create a workgroup for MONQ's internal objects management.
3. Data Streams Connection
Provide MONQ with raw data to process.
4. Synthetic Trigger Creation
Configure triggers to automate raw data processing.
5. RSM Configuration
Configure the relations between MONQ's internal objects and your infrastructure.
6. Rules & Actions Configuration
Configure operations to perform when integral events are generated.
Umbrella Monitoring
Use MONQ as a hub for umbrella monitoring.
Search for causes
Configure MONQ to help you find causes of problems.
Automate IT operations with MONQ.
Synthetic Monitoring
Configure synthetic monitoring within MONQ for integrated monitoring of your services.