# monq guides

This guide contains detailed information about all the functional features monq.
Manual is divided into products monq:

Use the navigation on sections for the study of materials on the use of advanced functions monq and perform your tasks.


Some sections of the interface may contain inconsistencies due to the transitional period of the system.


User Management, Automaton Settings, and Plugins features are available only to Userspace Admins of monq.

Users profile
Set up a personal profile and notification methods.
User management
Manage users with a single screen.
Organize users and management objects into workgroups.
CM Management
Visually display your infrastructure, set up the relationships between its objects and the rules for calculating their health.
Data streams
Connect and configure data streams to monq.
Use synthetic monitoring capabilities.
Configure filtering and rules for handling primary events.
Use automation scripts to handle integral events.
Extend automation settings with lua libraries.
Expand your alert capabilities.
Management policies
Define general rules for user behavior in monq space
Rules and Actions
Automate the handling of integral events.
CM Maps
Create and configure a new CM Map.
Raw Data
Watch for incoming logs and events from connected data streams to monq.
Main screen
View, filter and sort the list of CIs and integral events of monq.
Operative screen
Keep an eye on the flow of integrated events in a single screen.
Get a report on the availability of the information system.
SLA reports
Get a report on the performance of the service level agreement based on integral events.
Get information about changing CI states and their duration.