# About product

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# More information about Monq product

Eliminate bugs and crashes before your customers see it.

Monq - AIOps platform for collecting and analyzing logs, comprehensive hybrid monitoring and automated incident management.

The system was created for companies in which financial performance and reputation depend on the stable operation of IT.

Monq reduces business risks and improves financial performance associated with IT infrastructure and digital services uptime, increases the productivity of IT departments using artificial intelligence and automation, creates conditions for effective team collaboration.

The platform reduces the number of "alerts" needed to be processed by humans and reduces "noise" from them, allows you to centralize IT monitoring, identifies the most important business events and launches "auto-healing" systems. Monq increases by several times the efficiency of detecting the sources of problems and increases the speed of incident investigation by 70-95%.

# Monq product advantages

  • Flexible solution for any scale of business - the Monq platform is built in such a way that you do not have to pay for unused functionality.
  • High level of transparency and understanding.
  • Automatic investigation and elimination of incidents.
  • Fast implementation.
  • Save familiar tools for your team.
  • All monitoring is reduced to "one window", which increases the speed of detecting problems up to 80%.

# Collector

Flexible and high-performance log analysis tool for:

  • DevOps and SRE
  • Support Services
  • Data Science

# Collector module features

  • Connecting popular systems in two clicks with ready-made integrations.
  • Custom parsers for various sources, configurable in the source interface.
  • Setting up calculatable fields of any complexity when processing events.
  • Filtering data with prefilter.
  • High-performance solution with real-time presentation (latency less than 100ms)
  • Search all or several sources at once.
  • Convenient query language with syntax similar to lucene.
  • Aggregated summaries by data fields in one click.
  • Data representation with frequency histogram and JSON.

# AIOps

End-to-end monitoring, hybrid analytics and root cause analysis of IT failures for:

  • Support Services
  • DevOps and SRE

# AIOps module features

  • Calculation of health metrics of services based on internal statuses and triggers, as well as based on the calculation of the impact factors.
  • Using weights when building links between objects.
  • Various criticality settings for links between objects.
  • Creation of SLA report templates taking into account labels, sources, priorities, RTO, maintenance modes, working time schedule of the information system.
  • Creation of SLA reports for complex information systems based on reports on separate information systems.
  • Time correlation of events before the incident on the timeline.
  • Search for root causes on the health map of services according to the constructed topology.
  • Forecasting using ML-models.
  • Combining events using synthetic triggers.
  • Parametric filters for building Service models.
  • Saving Service model filters for yourself and for your workgroup.
  • Open API for autobuilding Service model maps.
  • Custom scripts for autohealing.
  • Connecting your own libraries.
  • Connecting your own plugins for alerts and integrations with ServiceDesk.
  • Automation of actions on problems, taking into account all influences.
  • Custom scripts for determining the state of monitoring objects.

# TestForge

Simple and flexible tool for running synthetic tests and analyzing answers:

  • Support Services
  • DevOps and SRE

# TestForge module features

  • Fast connection of external test environments.
  • Parser of reports and interpretation of test results.
  • Ready-made integration templates for Jenkins and GitlabCI.
  • Run your scripts for checking web interfaces, IVR, WebRTC, equipment on Monq agents.
  • Flexible control of the schedule for launching tests.
  • Constructor of conditions for launching tests.
  • Flexible classifier of projects based on tags.
  • Quick search for projects and test scenarios.
  • Filters based on labels, ownership and context.